10 startups, 3 months, a pool of 350 mentors… A rollercoaster that opens up new opportunities, a journey of a lifetime that brings together entrepreneurs and makes them a family. This was an unforgettable time for the 10 startups from the 2016 E-commerce accelerator program. They’ve experienced it all – tears, joy, breakdowns, success – and they are ready to share their unique stories with 400 investors, mentors & partners at Demo Day.


To create the identity for this event, I came up with a concept: "Get Together". The idea of technology and humans getting together to build a thriving future sounded like the perfect description for the power of e-commerce.

The entire event graphics was built in 32x9 proportions instead of the traditional 16:9, an interesting canvas. Besides doing the concept, the videos and overseeing the creation of the graphic materials, I also directed the event with the help of the technical team of Rabobank Utrecht.

You can watch the entire event on our facebook page: Click here.
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